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try written out loud - at the lowest price in program history

Good morning friends. Written Out Loud continues to grow. As we do, it has allowed us to make our program even more affordable for more and more creative kids and families, like yours.

Today, we're happy to announce the lowest price in the history of our program: just $99/month per child, starting in January. We're determined to give every creative child in the world the chance to meet and collaborate with their kindred spirits - and of course, to become a published author of their own book.

Our new afterschool program launches in January, and with this 40% price drop, we're confident our program will sell out - so register your child now at this link.

This blog is for friends only - so your feedback is not just welcome but appreciated. Have you ever considered our program for your child, but backed off because of cost? Is there someone you know who feels like the PERFECT Written Out Loud kid - but you were concerned about affordability? Hit reply and let me know!

My mission as founder and CEO is to make our next afterschool program the most inclusive program yet, bursting with talented kids all over the world, from every background. I'd be so grateful if you could help me gather the best and brightest kids you know. I'm determined not to let cost be an obstacle for any child or family.

With your help, we can assemble the most talented kids in the world, and help them tell their stories.

Thank you for your advice, feedback, and advocacy. Please feel free to post the link to our winter program in your social network, or forward this email. Nothing grows the program like heartfelt endorsements from friends and program graduates.

I hope your child, and/or a child you know, can be a part of our 2022 afterschool program. It's going to be awesome.




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