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is founder and CEO of Written Out Loud, a storytelling company.

In 2017 Shelov produced THE STORY OF DIANA for ABC and People Magazine, the highest-rated non-sports prime time program for ABC in the past decade.

In 2016 he directed the short film that introduced former President Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Convention.


He wrote the feature film GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS (2005), starring Elijah Wood, and co-wrote and directed THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST (2011), starring Neil Patrick Harris.


He has co-directed and produced three ESPN 30 for 30 documentaries: #bringbacksungwoo (2015), WE ARE (2016), and 24 STRONG (2017).


He is an adjunct professor in the Film Department of Yale University, where he created the seminar STORYTELLING FOR THE SCREEN.




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