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the written out loud podcast - Eps 1 & 2 are live!

I'm proud to announce the launch of the Written Out Loud podcast. Episodes 1 and 2 are now live. The series won't always be serialized, but these first few episodes are best experienced chronologically, as they essentially tell the "Big Bang" moment of our Written Out Loud storytelling program and methodology.

In simplest terms, my whole life changed because of two stories, told more or less back to back in the fall of 2002. One was told to me by a cab driver en route to JFK ("The Best Story I've Ever Heard,") and the second...well, I won't give it away, but I told it myself. And I'll tell it to you in Episode 2, "How It Changed My Life.")

Thanks for listening, following, and spreading the word!


{spotify links are below - here's a link for you Apple Podcast folk.]


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