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the best story I can tell right now

Episode 4 of the Written Out Podcast is up! This is The Best Story I Can Tell Right Now.

We're rounding the turn on an extraordinary week at Written Out Loud, as **94** novelists, Young and Adult alike, have begun their six-month journeys with us this week. I am among their ranks. This podcast episode contains the prologue of an original science-fiction story I've literally been putting off for 20 years. It's called FINLAY. I'm fully, 100% committed to getting this story finished, published, and out in the world in 2023, so I can match the courage being shown by the novelists in our program.

In this podcast episode, I get into depth about precisely "why" I've been avoiding telling this story - but if you're more in the mood simply to hear the beginning of my story itself, I'll be posting text-based chapters as I write them on Wattpad, and I've created a separate podcast feed containing just FINLAY. Links to both are below.

Creating all these forms of media are surely a delaying tactic as well as some kind of cry for help, but, here we are. Enjoy. I'd love to hear what you think, in whatever media you fancy. Thanks for being a part of this journey.

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