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small miracles are happening

As our Year of Zoom melts into Life on Zoom, there are small, creative miracles happening every day in the Zoom rooms of Written Out Loud. We've just opened registration for our spring cohort, starting March 1. Kids from 7-17 welcome.

Kids from Alabama are forging tales of high fantasy with creative kids in Fairfield; kids in Baltimore are debating unicorn names with a child in Dubai. I am not exaggerating. This all happened just this month, and will continue happening all spring. If your child loves Hamilton or Harry Potter; Gilmore Girls or The Office, you can introduce them to a genuine, lifelong love of writing, and a creative crew of like-minded kindred spirits. Register now, and/or feel free to message me with any q's. Your child can fall in love with writing this spring in a Written Out Loud storytelling crew.

The program runs four months, and costs $179/month. And if you sign up your child plus three friends (or relatives), all of you qualify for our group rate of $149/month.

Happy to chat if you'd like to Zoom - stay warm, positive, and safe!



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