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brilliant creative children: your all-star teams AWAIT

Hear ye, hear ye! Written Out Loud is looking for the Best. Young. Storytellers. In the world. Right this very minute. Our program transforms kids who love stories - Harry Potter, Hamilton, even video games and YouTube - into published authors. We can and will do the same with your child.

Best of all, we'll introduce them to their creative kindred spirits. All-Star teams aren't just for athletic kids; at Written Out Loud, we assemble creative kids (ages 8-17) into joyful, collaborative, mission-driven teams. Together, they achieve what almost no child can accomplish alone. With their creative teammates, they'll practice and master the craft of out-loud storytelling: a skill they'll treasure for the rest of their lives. And they'll be holding their very own published book in their hands before the school year is out.

Registration for our November cohort is now OPEN. P.S. we never turn down a storyteller because of cost. If your child is perfect for Written Out Loud, and you're in need of a scholarship, just email us at Our mission is to transform every creative child into a published co-author - and a joyful member of a creative team, for life.


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