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Storytelling Camp registration is OPEN!

To the parents of creative kids,

I’m thrilled to announce that Written Out Loud will be hosting two-week Storytelling Camp sessions via Zoom for your creative kids, all summer long!

Registration is now open - sign up here for the two-week session of your choice. Enrollment is strictly limited and will close, so if you’re interested in locking in a camp session for your creative child and his/her friends, please sign up right away. We can accommodate friend-pairing and grouping requests if you act quickly, so please feel free to forward this to the parents of your child's friends. A storytelling camp group holds 4 to 9 kids between the ages of 8 and 17.

Camp meets every day, Monday through Friday, for two weeks, with group sessions held via Zoom in the morning, and then structured creative assignments given in the afternoons. Cost is $250/week per storyteller, $500 total for a two-week session. We are amenable to scholarships and discounts if your family is disadvantaged during this crisis.

"Written Out Loud has been a transformative experience for my kids...making them more comfortable to speak in front of their peers, helping them work through the anxiety they are experiencing with this crisis." -

Mary, CT mom

I know that many of our kids’ camps are being delayed or cancelled, which is heartbreaking. As an alternative summer activity - and as a way to keep your child’s camp friends together for a joyous, creative stretch of time this summer - consider signing them up for a remote Storytelling Camp session.

At Written Out Loud, kids absolutely love creating stories together - even when they’re apart.

“My son and his friends are having the best time creating the world that lives in their dreams. And they are becoming closer as a group as well, which is wonderful to see.” - Joy, NYC mom

A Storytelling Camp group meets every day, Monday through Friday, via Zoom. A camp crew is made up of 4-8 kids from anywhere in the world. A two-week Storytelling Camp session is a perfect way to make sure that your child’s critical camp-friend bonds stay together.

Even if your child’s usual day- or sleepaway camp is happening as scheduled, a Storytelling camp session is a great way to fill in any two-week gap you have in your summer.

What is Storytelling Camp, exactly? If you’re familiar with our Storytelling School, feel free skip this next part. But if this is your first time hearing about Storytelling Camp, or the Written Out Loud Storytelling School, watch this short 2-minute video, and read on below.

Think of Written Out Loud as “School of Rock for storytelling.” We teach kids the age-old craft of storytelling based on the books, TV shows, movies, musicals, and plays they love most. If your child loves Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Marvel, Pixar, Hamilton, Wicked, The Office, and Stranger Things…that’s our curriculum! We break down the tools and techniques that make their favorite shows come to life. Then we teach them to apply those tools and techniques to creation of original stories of their own. By the end of the two-week camp session, every child comes away with a mini-book, a professionally-edited movie trailer, and - most importantly - a set of storytelling skills that they can use for the rest of their lives. There’s no job in the world that doesn’t value great storytelling. That’s what we teach at Written Out Loud.

For more information, here's our website.

Sign up for Storytelling camp now, and thank you for spreading the word, to the families of creative kids in your network!


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