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the storytelling school returns...and expands, to Chicago!

Good holiday season, friends! I know everyone is running around gasping with good cheer and goodwill towards men, punctuated by occasional suicidal/homicidal impulses. Or vice versa.


The Written Out Loud Storytelling School has four (4) exciting announcements: a) our return, for winter classes, in January 2019! b) the launch of our second chapter, in Chicago! c) our move to a scorchingly beautiful new location! and d) the launch of our Adult Storytelling Class!

If you’re just totally in love with all this, but have absolutely no time to read details, I totally get it. Headline: click here to sign up, or to sign up your child. Or feel free to just forward this email to someone you know who is totally perfect for this. There’s no need to put money down at signup - it just puts your on our contact/email list.

And if you're forwarding this to someone who doesn't know what the storytelling school is all about, here's some more information about the school.

Bottom line, the Written Out Loud Storytelling School is like School of Rock for storytellers, a place where you and your screen-addicted kids can dive into your favorite shows and movies, learn what makes them tick, and start creating stories of your own.

For those excited to learn more and/or procrastinate, read on...


The Written Out Loud Storytelling School returns! On Sunday, January 27, 2019, our Winter Sessions will officially begin. Our Fairfield/Bridgeport based classes will now feature two tiers of classes:

TIER ONE: STORYTELLING (this is the class we taught and polished to fine sheen this past fall, with our awesome Fairfield Guinea Pigs as initial students). Class time 2:00-3:30pm.

We’re also launching our brand-new Tier II Class (drum roll)

TIER TWO: PRODUCTION, in which the students who graduated from Tier I Storytelling begin transforming their stories into short films, podcasts, graphic novels, audio books, animated shorts…you name it. Class time 4:00-5:30pm. It’s going to be fuh-reaking awesome.

Both courses run 10 weeks, culminating just before April break, with our live Storytelling Show. Each course costs $625, payable in three monthly installments, if you’d prefer.

You can sign up right here. And please spread the word to your creatively-oriented friends, friends’ kids, kids’ friends, and bitter rivals.


We are officially launching our second Storytelling School chapter, in Chicago! Our Chicago classes will be taught by the brilliant Anne Johnsos, a dear friend and rock star storyteller, journalist, author, podcast host, actress, mom, and flat-out killer Soprano I.

If you know someone in the Chicago area who might be interested, please forward this email, or connect us via some internettery.

NOTE: only the Tier 1: Storytelling class will be offered in Chicago this winter, but we do plan to offer Tier 2: Production in Chicago soon.


Our Fairfield/Bridgeport classes will now be held in our new, stunning location, the new home of Written Out Loud HQ: Check it out, yo:

We do not claim to own this entire jaw-dropping space. We are proud and privileged to be a part of the Bridgeport B-Hive’s Coworking Space, an starry-eyed urban renewal movement/incubator/kumbaya type deal.

Your young storytellers will be knocked out and inspired by this place. It’s going to be an amazing place to create.


By popular demand, we're also launching an Adult Storytelling Class on Tuesdays at 7:00-8:30pm, starting January 29. I was thrilled to hear from so many of you elderly, infirm Gen-X-ers ;) who still have an idea, screenplay, novel, or TV series burning a hole inside you. Or if you don't have your story idea (yet), maybe you’re just in love with A STAR IS BORN or BREAKING BAD or whatever it is you’re desperately in love with.

Either way, I think you’ll really, really love this class. Shows will be dissected; libations may be poured. The people who have signed up thus far are some of my favorite people in town. If you’re interested in developing, writing, and maybe even producing or publishing your own original story someday, I’d love you to be a part of the class.

OK, that’s plenty for now - thanks for signing up, and spreading the word!



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