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NYC doc premiere - this Saturday night

Quick post for my NYC-area friends. This Saturday at 5:30 PM bringeth the New York premiere of a short documentary I directed called HOMBRES NUEVOS. It's about one of the most remarkable human beings I've had the privilege to meet, Luis Mancheno. To tell you anything more about him would spoil a hell of a story.

Luis and I will be hosting a brief Q & A after the screening, along with our fellow filmmakers Jasper Cicero, Caleb Oglesby, Ricky Anderson, and (in spirit) Tom Reed. Tickets are $8, and the film is only 30m long. Screening is at the LGBTQ Center near Union Square.

Tickets at the link below; if you can make it I'd love to see you. It's a jaw-dropping, remarkable story about a bona fide, modern-day American hero.

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